How To Win Tickets To Poker Tournaments

Every poker player dreams of winning big, no question about it. Even better than winning a round of online poker with a good hand is proving yourself in a poker tournament.

However, most of the major poker tournaments require a decent entry fee. We’ll tell you how you can get around this and win tickets for the world’s best poker tournaments.

Play Poker Tournaments For Free!

Most poker tournaments meanwhile offer two ways to get hold of one of the coveted seats at the tournament tables: Either you buy something expensive or you earn a tournament ticket in one of the previous poker tournaments.

For example, you can win a ticket to the main tournament in satellite tournaments. This type of poker tournament has a significantly lower entry price and, in addition to a main tournament ticket, awards an additional cash prize to the winner.

Satellites are partly organized by the organizers of a poker tournament themselves, but partly also by the sponsors of the tournament. The sponsors are mostly casinos and online casinos that give their players tickets for the satellite and / or the main tournament.


Dear poker friends, you see: you don’t need a chunk of money lying around at home or a well-heeled sponsor on your speed dial button. If you do it cleverly, you can win your seat at the table of one of the big poker tournaments with satellite tournaments. Assuming you’re a talented poker player with a bit of luck in your pocket.

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